Wild Life Drawing: Nocturnal Animals

Wild Life Drawing: Nocturnal Animals


Join us after hours at Walthamstow Wetlands for an Autumnal evening celebrating Nocturnal Animals. Our event will begin with an out-of-hours walk around the wetlands to experience the nature reserve at night, with the possibility of spotting bats, foxes and nocturnal birds. To follow, we’ll spend two hours learning to draw a wide variety of Nocturnal Animals, all that have evolved super senses to hunt, communicate and get around at night. We will be meeting and sketching skunks, sugar gliders, mice and rabbits – all mammals that are most active after dark. Tree frogs and geckos will give us an insight into the world of nocturnal reptiles and amphibians and if that’s not enough – we’ll also be drawing two incredible nocturnal invertebrates, giant land snails and train millipedes. Each and every one of these animals has either acute hearing, a keen sense of smell, sensitive feelers or large eyes to let in what little light there is. We will hear about the amazing night time habits these animals have developed, as well as learning about their diet, habitat and any conservation or welfare issues affecting these animals.

sugar glider at walthamstow wetlands


All drawing materials are supplied, including paper and drawing boards, but please feel free to bring colours or any other specific media you might like to use. We'll start with plenty of practical tips to get everyone started, and creative guidance will be provided throughout the session. The aim of these drawing classes is to inspire a sense of appreciation and understanding for the animals and their conservation in the wider world.

snail at walthamstow wetlands

All animals visiting are either rescues or re-homed unwanted pets, and now have happy lives being cared for by animal experts. Wild Life Drawing is working with the finest animal handlers, sanctuaries and organisations to put on these events. All the animals that attend the sessions are well used to humans and comfortable in different environments - their welfare is our highest priority. These animals will be attending with two expert animal handlers that not only care for these animals but also re-home other unwanted exotic pets or rescue animals. These animals will be in specially designed runs, with plenty of enrichment activities and hidden treats to keep them occupied and happy for the time they are with us, whilst mirroring their natural behaviour. All animals go through a 'Health and Happiness' test before attending any external events, and are rewarded with their favourite foods throughout ensuring it is a positive experience.

About Wild Life Drawing 

Wild Life Drawing is a drawing class with a difference; instead of human life models, we sketch animals and nature. The drawing classes are open to all ages and abilities, from beginners to advanced. Our aim is to inspire appreciation and understanding for the natural world through creativity, as attendees draw and learn about the animals, their habitats and distinct characteristics.

skunk at walthamstow wetlands


This project was founded in 2014 by Jennie Webber, a London-based artist and animal lover. “I believe that the act of taking time to draw animals evokes a real empathy, as the artist observes all the beautiful details, natural behaviours and the individual personality of the animal. And no matter what age you are, interacting with real animals is always a magical experience! It is my hope that Wild Life Drawing continues to reconnect those living in cities with the wonder of nature through creativity, in the hope that it will encourage more people to protect our planet and it's animals.” 

frog at walthamstow wetlands