school trips

school trips

At Walthamstow Wetlands, we can accommodate a range of outdoor learning experiences, from interactive centre lead sessions to self-lead tours of the site.

Centre-Lead Visits:

London Wildlife Trust runs school sessions for pupils from Nursery to Year Six. With a duration of two hours each, the sessions cover a range of topics in an engaging and interactive way and are cross-curricular. 

Early Years Foundation Stage topics include imaginative outdoor play and movement, homes, plants and animals.

Key Stage 1 topics include identifying plants, exploring animals in their local environment, designing and engineering structures and creating nature art.

Key Stage 2 topics cover the structure and functions of plants, the water cycle, classifying animals, food chains, adaptation, map work and improving the environment.

Risk Assessments are provided. All staff have enhanced DBS checks and are trained in first aid.

For more information, please contact our Outdoor Learning Officer, Fiona McGain at

Self-Lead Visits:

If you would like to bring groups or a class of children to visit the wetlands, this needs to be booked in advance. Risk assessments and route information will be provided.

To book a self-lead visit please contact our Outdoor Learning Officer, Fiona McGain at

 Walthamstow Wetlands is easily accessible by public transport. There is also a car park on site, however parking is limited.