A Drawing Journey – Picturing a View

A Drawing Journey – Picturing a View


Join artist and illustrator Rachel Lillie for an explorative afternoon of walking, experimental drawing, and ‘view finding’ around the inspiring grounds of the wetlands. This dynamic workshop will lead you through a series of thought provoking tasks designed to encourage a sense of curiosity and acute observation of your surroundings, using the varied natural landscape of Walthamstow Wetlands as our subject. 

drawing at walthamstow wetlands

We will consider the relationship between walking, drawing, and looking to unlock creative ways of visualising the natural landscape and getting to know a place intimately. Engaging all of the senses, participants will explore ways of picturing a view using different framing devices and altering perspectives. Working in a hand-made sketchbook, we will begin the session on the ground zooming in and looking closely at the minutiae of what makes a place, then we will navigate the fantastic grounds of the wetlands on foot in search of the near and the a-far. 

drawing workshops at walthamstow wetlands

All materials are provided. No drawing experience is necessary, just a willingness to explore and enjoy drawing as a process. Please bring fold up seating if preferred - alternatively visitors can borrow a chair (non-fold-up) from the Turbine Room. There will be walking involved but along the main paths - the path is well defined and the pace will be slow.

workshop with rachel lillie

Rachel Lillie is an illustrator based in East London. She is Senior Lecturer in Illustration Animation at Kingston School of Art, Kingston University. She was the inaugural Illustrator in Residence at House of Illustration, Kings Cross. Her current exhibition ‘The In between – An Ode to Epping Forest’ at Vestry House Museum runs until 2nd September. 

drawing workshop with rachel lillie