Red Fox

A common and familiar animal, the Red Fox is our only wild member of the dog family. Foxes are omnivorous, feeding on small mammals, birds, frogs, earthworms and carrion, as well as berries and fruit. Just as likely to be seen in towns and cities as in the countryside, Foxes are now well-known for scavenging food scraps from bins, as well as catching Pigeons and Rats. Males bark but females make a spine-chilling scream, heard mostly in the winter when their courtship takes place.


Wood Mouse

The Wood Mouse is sometimes known as the Long-tailed Field Mouse and is widespread, probably most common in woodland, rough grassland and gardens. It will gather food stores of berries and seeds in the autumn, which it keeps in underground burrows or sometimes in old birds' nests. The Wood Mouse is mostly nocturnal.


Bank Vole

The Bank Vole lives in woodland, hedgerows, parks and gardens. Bank Voles eat fruit, nuts and small insects, but are particularly keen on hazelnuts and blackberries. They are very active animals and are frequently seen, sometimes even visiting bird tables. Bank Voles can have three or four litters a year, each with up to seven young.


Species such as pipistrelles and Daubenton’s bat take advantage of plentiful insects during the summer months and may be seen feeding over the reedbeds at dusk.