Nisha Duggal, Flight

Nisha Duggal, Flight

Nisha Duggal, the first artist-in-residence at Walthamstow Wetlands, presents Flight, a mixed-media installation on migration and the primal.

nisha duggal at walthamstow wetlands

Aiming to locate an interconnectedness between culture, creativity and our animal nature, Duggal works across media with an emphasis on the moving image.  Often seeking to incorporate the agency of others in her works through processes of playful collaboration, here she explores the context of a nature reserve and the format of a ‘workshop’ as spaces for freedom and reflection. 

duggal at walthamstow wetlands

During her residency at Walthamstow Wetlands, Duggal ran a series of free workshops that involved making with diverse materials including sound and clay.  Evolving from these sessions, her installation Flight is directly shaped by the creative partnerships she made.  She uncovers the Wetlands as a site for migration, for humans as well as birds, looking at how our primitive urges direct us and resist curtailment.

Nisha Duggal, Flight

Dates: 6 July - 30 October 2018

flight exhibition at walthamstow wetlands