conservation update

conservation update

London Wildlife Trust leads on the conservation of wildlife and nature at Walthamstow Wetlands. Since the Trust’s formation in 1981 it has helped shape the face of London – saving and protecting wildlife sites across the capital.

conservation at walthamstow wetlands


In the month of February, the London Wildlife Trust team of staff and volunteers working at Walthamstow Wetlands turned their attention to a small woodland copse located at the start of the Reservoir 1, 2, 3 path.

coppicing at walthamstow wetlands

The unique area includes beautiful hazel trees which have previously been coppiced and need to continue to be managed this year before the start of the bird nesting season. The team coppiced the trees whereby they were cut to the ground to produce multiple new straight stems in the future.

hawthorn at walthamstow wetlands

The team also removed a few hawthorn and blackthorn bushes from the area.  To note, all the material removed will be reused as stakes and dead hedging material.

Work has also begun on the meadow near to the East Warwick reservoir. The team have begun mowing and raking the area to prevent nutrient enrichment which can lead to a surplus of grass invading the biodiverse meadow plants and flowers including wild carrot and purple loosestrife.  

meadow at walthamstow wetlands

A margin will be left along the edge to push back the encroaching scrub from the River Lea side, whilst also leaving a standing strip of vegetation as food and cover for wildlife.