Archipelago is an ongoing project bringing together artists working in different geographical locations, to collaborate in synchronised events. Archipelago is informed by the concept of artists as connected islands, communicating at multiple levels and in multiple ways, but intensely focussed on their own unique vantage point, pre-occupations, and methods. The project explores lines of communication between artists, both conscious and unconscious, and considers the creative process as an interplay between individual, cultural and societal preoccupations.  

Archipelago exhibition

The introductory round of the project will focus on a real archipelago - a series of nine connected islands in Walthamstow Wetlands. Accompanied by a writer and film crew, the artists will convene together to meet, talk, and make studies in the landscape, each taking up a view of one of the islands. They will return to their studios to interpret the experience and allow it to feed into their own practice, returning with both studies and work made in the studio for the final exhibition.

art at walthamstow wetlands

Please click here to read the  text written for the project, entitled 'Heron Imperatives, Damselfly Affordances', by Stephanie Moran.

Please click here to view the film created for the exhibition by Eva Calland-Waller and her crew. The film will also be shown at the Walthamstow International Film Festival on 15th June.

Please click here to listen to an interview with Ruth Calland on Forest Road.  

The Mezzanine, Walthamstow Wetlands, 2 Forest Rd, London N17 9NH

Exhibition runs Saturday 1st June - Thursday 27th June, open daily 9.30am - 4pm

Film premiere will be at the Private View, Sunday 2nd June, 1-4 pm

exhibitions at the wetlands

archipelago exhibition at walthamstow wetlands

Artists: Edwin Aitken, Ruth Calland, Annabel Dover, Enzo Marra, Edgar Racy, Victoria Rance, Mimei Thompson, Jonathan Waller, your paradise island

Curator: Ruth Calland   07879 012167       

Writer: Stephanie Moran

Filmmaker: Eva Calland-Waller